After watching the second Presidential debate, I realized, we’re completely finished.

Clinton, Trump pick up big wins
Courtesy: CNN.
So once again, barely anything of substance was said during the second presidential debate.  Foreign policy was virtually null in the debate and the few answers given were void.  With everything going on in the world today, thanks in large part to the inactions of the Obama administration, the CNN/ABC moderators, Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz, were overwhelmed with the sidestepping of both candidates.  When Martha Raddatz asked Republican candidate Donald Trump about the Syrian humanitarian crisis, all he could talk about was how ‘we have to get ISIS,’ and then went on to bash Hillary Clinton on the Iranian nuclear deal, of which Clinton never negotiated.  Clinton continued with her usual talking points on Syria, which is essentially just anti-Russia rhetoric.  Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, the question of Russia arose.  Clinton presented nothing substantive at all on the topic of Russia.  When asked about how she’d deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin, all she could say was that her administration would stand up to the Russian leader.  After giving us a three-second answer, she automatically skirted over to the conspiracy of Russian tampering in the electoral process, and how apparently Putin was campaigning for Trump.  Both candidates fail to adequately address the issue of Russian reassertion into the world order, and this is very disturbing.  With Russian aggression in Ukraine and Crimea, as well as their tampering in the Middle East, a more serious discussion ought to be brought up by both candidates in such a ‘serious’ debate.  As a foreign policy wonk, I honestly don’t feel confident with either candidate being the commander-in-chief.  When the entire world looks to the United States on a consistent basis, how confident can they be at all with the state of this election cycle?  Is this the best we have to offer? Godspeed.


2 thoughts on “After watching the second Presidential debate, I realized, we’re completely finished.

  1. It looks that in United States election system is capricious. It affords the people illusion of right to their candidate, but party still have big control. I do not comprehend why US feels like Russia is enemy, much change has occur since 1990s. Detente principle has vanish. Actually Bill Clinton work well with Russia. How can it be that Secretary Clinton wish to undo the work of Reagan, first Bush and Clinton. I believe you right in saying Trump is clown. I hope it is not true that we are finished like you say in title. Very unpopular and worried times. Syria truly sad situation.- Nikodim

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    1. Hey Nikodim, thanks for posting a comment! Yes, I tend to agree with you on your assessment of our electoral system. Regarding the Russia issue, well, unfortunately, there’s still a cold war mentality within the foreign policy elite in Washington. Not to mention there’s a ton of money to be made in a constant crisis with Russia from all those in the military industrial complex. Secretary Clinton has been wrong on many foreign policy topics, and as Secretary of State, she single-handedly ruined Libya, Egypt, Syria and the U.S. relationship with Russia. In 2009, she declared a reset with Russia. Everyone believed that to be great news at the time. However, she never truly planned on resetting relations with Russia. These are troubling times my friend, and with the two candidates that we have, I can’t see any significant change to the world order. Thanks for reading and commenting, and look out for more content in the very near future!!!


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