Danel Kurzyna is a first generation Polish-American, born to two amazingly loving parents from Poland.  He is currently married to a stunningly intelligent and devoted lady by the name of Kinga, who puts up with his antics and annoyances in ways that many probably could not.  Daniel is currently in graduate school, working on completing his Magister Artium (M.A.) in International Relations with a concentration in Russian & Slavic Studies, from New York University (NYU).  He is an editor and contributor to the NYU Journal of Political Inquiry and has worked on diverse projects in criminal justice, healthcare, and foreign policy.  Daniel completed his Baccalaureus Scientiae (B.S.) in Criminal Justice, with Minor in Economics, with Latin honors.  His aspirations are to attend law school after graduating from NYU to complete a Juris Doctor (J.D.) in International Law, and one day work as a diplomat, where he could help advance democracy, prosperity, and human rights worldwide.  Daniel’s ultimate goal is to one day be Secretary of State, and perhaps even one day President of the United States!!