Daniel Kurzyna is a born and raised New Yorker, and currently resides in Queens, New York.  He is currently a graduate student at New York University, where he is an MA candidate in International Relations with a concentration in Russian & Slavic Studies.  After graduating with a BS in Criminal Justice and a minor in Economics from John Jay College, Daniel worked on several campaigns throughout the State of New York.  He is currently the Campaign Manager for the Forward NYCR 2017 ticket and has been involved with the New York Federation of College Republicans, and College Republicans in general throughout the State of New York for several years.


Daniel’s interests are in American foreign policy, specifically towards NATO, Russia and the Middle East.  He has speechwriting experience and is heavily involved in several organizations on the topics of speechwriting, international relations, economics and criminal justice.  Daniel also has extensive expertise in the healthcare industry, where he worked as a Compliance Officer in a New York City pharmacy.  

Writing, and reading, are some of Daniel’s favorite hobbies.  When he is not working on political campaigns, or heavily involved in College Republicans, he spends his free time writing op-eds, peer-reviewed journal pieces, and speeches.  He is an Editor at the NYU Journal of Political Inquiry, and a contributor to the NYU Economics Review-Journal and Washington Square News.  His aspiration is to move further in his educational career and be accepted to law school, or a Ph.D. program in International Relations and one day work as a diplomat, where he could help advance democracy, security, and peace worldwide.  He is currently a contributing writer at the Narrative Times.